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Taveuni Dive Resort, Fiji

March 11, 2016 Wow, what a trip!!

Less that 4 weeks before we arrived, Taveuni Island was hit by the largest, most powerful cyclone ever in the southern pacific. We were very concerned that we would be interfering with the locals in their recovery efforts or we would not be able to enjoy the experience we have been looking forward to for so long.

Although the road was open, signs of damage were everywhere. Trees down, roofs damaged, houses just gone! One dive site near the shore that was a beautiful coral was ground into sand, nothing but colorful grit on the bottom.

Arriving at the resort we found a beautiful garden with 8 modern, spacious bures (separated rooms). The property sustained little damage (thanks to very solid construction) except for trees and plants. Trees and plants were putting out new leaves, the resort was in top shape, the boats in the water and we were enthusiastically greeted with warm Bulas (hello) and introductions to the staff.

Every member of the staff from the grounds keepers to the owners greeted us with a smile and a Bula every time we saw them. At the bar & restaurant that seats maybe 30, we met local residents mainly from Australia or New Zealand and other travelers. The menu was very good and varied but the best part was asking others to join our group to share stories and experiences.

I will try to add more later, for now here are a few photos.

Stay in one of eight privately-sited Bures located in plush gardens with a view of the Somosomo Strait. Running between Taveuni Island and Vanua Levu, this is one of Fiji's best known dive destinations. The strait almost single-handedly earns Fiji its title as the "Soft Coral Capital of the World".

Designed for divers. Designed by divers – Taveuni Dive Resort is the best Resort-to-Reef experience on Taveuni. This sustainable resort is focused on providing comfort, service, and being the best gateway to the authentic Taveuni adventure. For 12 years, Taveuni Dive has been the preferred choice for diving on the island of Taveuni. We've listened to what our guests wanted in a dive resort, and built it. The first sustainable resort on Taveuni, Taveuni Dive Resort provides guest accommodations, dining, scuba diving, and tourism activities to chartered dive groups, small groups of scuba divers, and other tourists attracted to the locale. The resort operates a restaurant & bar, as well as a small retail market for residents of Taveuni Estates and tourists alike.

Many divers come to Taveuni just to witness the excellent soft coral blooms that occur when the current is running just right. Normally the currents are little more than a gentle helping hand along the way, guiding you past some of the most wonderful proliferations of soft corals on the planet.

Large bushes of pink, brown and orange span out to capture the passing nutrients and create the remarkable spectacles of colour that portray Taveuni scuba diving. When the current is present to any reasonable extent the grateful corals expand to their finest and most enchanting, whereas without the current they would retract into barely visible balls - and who wants that?

The Salty Fox restaurant, pool, access to the Soqulu Country Club. Includes: Diving, the 7-night package includes a 10-dive package and the 12 night package includes a 20 dive package. Three meals per day and dive snacks are included. Alcohol not included. Prices are per-person based upon double occupancy. Single occupants will be charged a room premium of $100 FJD per night. Prices are in US Dollars and include applicable taxes. Price includes round-trip airfare from Los Angeles (LAX) and all inter-island transfers. RT airfare from US locations to LAX can be added upon request. Extra Activities: Waterfalls, pearl farm, hiking rainforest.


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